REVIEW: The Handleband smartphone handlebar mount

Hey there, Mama Trail here, dropping in to give a quick review of a phone mount I picked up recently. The Handleband by Niteize.

handlebandhandleband 1

First, the bad.


The bands across the face of the phone can make some features a bit difficult to access, but forethought in placement solves this issue.

Larger phones will be difficult to fit in the Handleband.

Won’t function well to record video while on the trail.

Now with the good.


The tight fit gives me confidence on the trail, keeping my eye on my children and the trail, not my phone.

The Handleband performs very well in keeping my phone readily accessible while on the trail. My trail map is always right at my finger tips.

Low profile, keeping my view clear without any obstruction from the mount.

Comes in translucent and black.

*Bonus – It comes with a built in bottle opener! That was the selling point which tipped the scales for me.

The Trail Family gives 4 thumbs up for the Handleband!


B&O Trail – Brownsburg, IN

bo trail sign bo trail 13 bo trail 1 bo trail 2 bo trail 3 bo trail 4 bo trail 5 bo trail 6 bo trail 7 bo trail 8 bo trail 9 bo trail 10 bo trail 11 bo trail 12

This free trail is short, but decent. There are two completed sections of this trail, an Eastern and a Western leg – we rode the Eastern leg. The full length of our ride was level and nicely paved, and ran between neighborhoods and farm fields. The two legs are separated by a two mile portion of unfinished trail, this area was recently cleared and will soon open for use by walkers and mountain bikers.
If you plan to ride either section of this trail, we highly recommend you thoroughly research parking options as there is absolutely no parking available, and no facilities of any kind. We parked in a neighborhood around the corner from the trail and made use of a sidewalk to access the trail.
The highlight of this trail was the tunnel of murals with a small area of benches at one end.

B&O Trail